Kula Shaker live at Garage, London 8.07.10 (audio recording)

Kula Shaker
2010-07-08 (8 July 2010)
The Garage, Highbury, London, UK

Source: AT933(853C)>3wbb>iRiver H140 (rockboxed)
Transfer: H140>USB>DellHD>Soundforge 7 (Volume boost, fade in, EQ to reduce bass and boost mid range, volume boost, fade out)>CD Wave>FLAC
Location: Approx 20ft from stage, slightly right of centre.
Recorded, transferred and FLAC’d by Humbug.

Time: 78:45

1. Sound Of Drums
2. Under The Hammer
3. Die For Love
4. Peter Pan RIP
5. Ophelia
6. Modern Blues
7. All Dressed Up
8. High In A Heaven
9. Winter’s Call
10. 303
11. Tattva
12. True Love Will Find You In the End (Daniel Johnston)
13. Hush (Joe South)
14. Song Of Love/Narayana
15. Great Hosannah >
16. Govinda



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