Classic Rock Interview With Crispian

Crispian MillsKula Shaker mainman Crispian Mills is about to release a solo single – one he recorded a decade ago.

It’s to be made available on seven inch vinyl through the Ho Hum label on September 27, with the songs in question being Healing Hands and Be Merciful.

Talking to Classic Rock, Mills explained what happened with these recordings, and why the release has been so delayed:

“When I left Kula Shaker [in 1999], I was wandering around the music business looking for something different to do. Then I met Mark Pritchard from the Jedi Knights [an electronic-based project] and knew right away he was the man for me.”

The pair collaborated on a series of tracks, although in Mills’ own words, “We didn’t have enough for an album. And the two here are definitely the pick of the bunch”.

But Mills does feel that the music was a lot better than his label, Sony, believed at the time.

“I was very satisfied with the way it all came out – or rather the way it all sounded after we’d finished in the studio. But I got hit by the sort of record label attitude I’d heard had affected other artists. Now, I got first hand experience.

“The label didn’t know what to do with it. They said it was too early to release it. They wanted us to re-record things. It all got very confusing. And after 18 months they gave up.”
Result: Mills left the company, and it’s taken until now for anything to come out. Thankfully, Ho Hum [run by a friend of Pritchard’s] got to hear about the songs, loved them, and now are putting this out.

“I’m really happy it’s being issued on big, thick vinyl. The trouble with downloads is that, as an artist, you don’t feel you’ve done anything substantial when it’s only available as a download.”

Right now, Mills is a very busy man. The reactivated Kula Shaker released a new album, Pilgrim’s Progress, in June, but have little time to support this on the road.

“It’s been incredibly well received everywhere. However, we’ve not had the time to do much touring, because I’m currently involved with another project.

Mills is writing the script for a future movie, although details on this are sketchy right now.

“It’s taking up all my time, which is why there’s no time at the moment for Kula Shaker. I’m working on it with Bruce Robinson, who wrote and directed Withnail And I.”

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