Simon Pegg about Crispian’s film

Simon Pegg: … The next film I’m doing is kind of a semicomedy, but it’s much more of an acting job than just telling gags. It’s called A Fantastic Fear of Everything. It’s about a writer who is paranoid, basically he’s going insane. He’s writing plays about murderers but he’s becoming obsessed with murder and murdering. And he gets a meeting with an agent, but in order to go, he has to visit the Laundromat because his clothes are dirty and he’s frightened of Laundromats. So it’s this really odd but brilliant script. It’s directed by Crispian Mills who is the grandson of John Mills and the son of Hayley Mills, so he’s from a great acting dynasty. It’s just a little low-budget British film but I’m very excited about it.

Slate: Are you playing the writer?

Simon Pegg: I am.

Slate: Why is he afraid of Laundromats?

Simon Pegg: It’s all about his childhood, and abandonment, and you learn that he had a traumatic experience at the Laundromat when he was very young. I’ve just been rehearsing it and start shooting when I get back.

Источник: Simon Pegg interview: The star of Shaun of the Dead talks about his new book, Nerd Do Well. – By Jessica Grose – Slate Magazine.

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