Kula Shaker: Interview with Alonza Bevan

In the nineties, during the era of the grunge, the brit-pop and growingly faceless songs at the music channels, it is almost unimaginable for a psychedelic rock band, deeply inspired of India, to conquer the charts. The music of Kula Shaker bears at the same time the fiery energy of the youth and the wisdom of the musical culture of past epochs; contemporary, yet reflecting the spirit of the music of the 60’s; wonderfully combining the vivid picturesque pageant of the soundtracks of “Hair” and “Jesus Christ Superstar” with the psychedelia of the later Beatles. And in 2010 it abandoned all this musical whirlwind to release one of the purest, tender and beautiful rock albums. Kula Shaker closer, presented by Alonza Bevan.

RR: First of all – congratulations for “Pilgrims Progress” , though it’s been half an year since it came out! It is among the most beautiful albums ever released. Can you tell us shortly about the album, the label issue in 2008, the songs and the recording sessions?

AB: Well, the album grew out of circumstance we had just got out of some dodgy dealings with the dark side (moneymen, accountants and lawyers) which left the band in a rather poor financial position. We knew we had some good songs and so with some great help from our friends and local musicians we started recording Pilgrims Progress here in the countryside of southern Belgium.

RR: The first thing that is obvious while listening the CD is the fact that you have taken off the colorful garment that was so typical for your previous releases and “Pilgrims Progress” is a stripped down to naked melodies and pure emotions record. Was that transmission natural or you made it by purpose? (more…)

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Обновленный Kula Shaker Boutique

В продаже новые футболки  Kula Shaker: the Pan Piper и the Jagannath, а также кружки и диски.

Все еще доступно Deluxe издание Pilgrims Progress и винил, изданный ограниченным тиражом.


Roll up roll up, the new Kula Shaker boutique is open for business!

From freshly pressed Kula Shaker shirts to some of our vintage records, we will cater for all your Kula Shaker needs!

In conjunction with the Fair Wear Foundation, we are pleased to introduce two new Kula Shaker T-shirts: the Pan Piper and, due to popular demand, the Jagannath.

So come in, have a browse, make a purchase!

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Рецензия на Pilgrims Progress в журнале Rolling Stone (русская версия) №8 2010 г

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Kula Shaker live at Garage, London 8.07.10 (audio recording)

Kula Shaker
2010-07-08 (8 July 2010)
The Garage, Highbury, London, UK

Source: AT933(853C)>3wbb>iRiver H140 (rockboxed)
Transfer: H140>USB>DellHD>Soundforge 7 (Volume boost, fade in, EQ to reduce bass and boost mid range, volume boost, fade out)>CD Wave>FLAC
Location: Approx 20ft from stage, slightly right of centre.
Recorded, transferred and FLAC’d by Humbug.

Time: 78:45

1. Sound Of Drums
2. Under The Hammer
3. Die For Love
4. Peter Pan RIP
5. Ophelia
6. Modern Blues
7. All Dressed Up
8. High In A Heaven
9. Winter’s Call
10. 303
11. Tattva
12. True Love Will Find You In the End (Daniel Johnston)
13. Hush (Joe South)
14. Song Of Love/Narayana
15. Great Hosannah >
16. Govinda


Upclose with Kula Shaker (Interview with Crispian Mills)

Kula Shaker frontman, Crispian Mills, also known as Krishna Kanta Dasa to some, speaks to Nicholas Shay ahead of his band’s tour through Hong Kong.

By Nicholas Shay | published Aug 05, 2010

HK Magazine: Will this be your first time in Hong Kong? What are you expecting?
Crispian Mills: It will indeed, and everybody’s thrilled to be coming. It’s uncharted waters, so I have no idea what to expect. We went to Russia last year for the first time to play a concert, and we went on stage very late to a huge, very drunk crowd. It was quite frightening, but once we got on stage, it was fantastic—so you never know what to expect.

HK: Can you tell us about your new album, “Pilgrim’s Progress”?
CM: This was the first time we made a record where we had absolutely no pressure other than our own desire to make beautiful music. Our first record, “K,” was complicated because we could feel the record company’s expectations, which stifled the spontaneity. When you’re young, you’re more inclined to please people… well, I was. Now I’ve given up trying to please people, and ended up making a good record as a result. It’s a very mellow acoustic album with lots of daydreaming. The process was much more spontaneous than our other records. It’s brilliant, I’m telling you.

HK: Where do the band’s Indian influences stem from?
CM: I don’t know. Maybe from past lives… friends, fate and destiny. There is something very universal about oriental culture, and we can connect with it. I think it’s because the people of the earth were all joined together at one time.

HK: Could you explain a bit about your own spiritual beliefs?
CM: Everybody wants love, don’t they? If you have all the money and power in the world, and you don’t have love, you’re just gonna be a weird psycho. And that’s really the problem with the world. Spiritual life should be practical, not superstitious. You should be able to apply it to your life, in healing the earth and healing each other, because it’s all in a bit of a mess. You have to respect all faiths; you have to have a spiritual philosophy. I try to have that in my life, and it’s been very good for my music and self-expression.

HK: Who are some people that you gather inspiration from?
CM: I kind of live in a bit of a dream world. I read all the old myths and legends. When I was growing up, my favorite books were all the ancient Greek myths. I got into Indian folklore and the philosophy of the Mahabharata. I’m into archetypes and mythic heroes. I like George Harrison and Ritchie Blackmore from Deep Purple. He’s a great guitarist, but they’re just guys. When it’s an inspiration or a muse, I think more of those mythic characters. They’re more colorful.

HK: If you had a dinner party, which three guests would you invite?
CM: Well, I would probably get Charles Dickens and Shakespeare together with somebody like Johnny Rotten and see what happens.

Upclose with Kula Shaker by Nicholas Shay | HK Magazine Online.

Kula Shaker at Garage, London 8.07.10

8 июля 2010 года Kula Shaker дали эксклюзивный бесплатный концерт в Лондоне, первый в этом году. Те, кому посчастливилось на него попасть – в полном восторге. Музыканты были в отличной форме и прекрасном настроении. Они отыграли 16 вещей, 6 из них с нового альбома.


Sound of Drums
Under the Hammer
Die For Love
Peter Pan RIP
Modern Blues
All Dressed Up And Ready
High In A Heaven
Winter’s Call
True Love Will Find You In The End
Song of Love
Great Hosannah


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Kula Shaker – Pilgrims Progress, track by track

Crispian Mills and Harry Broadbent talk us through new album Pilgrims Progress… (more…)

Kula Shaker – Peter Pan R.I.P (official video)

Видео на первый сингл с нового альбома 2010 года Pilgrims Progress. Режиссер – Crispian Mills

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Kula Shaker are back! With Shanghai in sight (Interview with Crispian)

Written by Jade Bremner

Nearly everyone in Britain during the 1990’s had a copy of their multi-platinum selling record K featuring the hit single Govinda. The energetic psychedelic Brit-pop foursome with their Indian obsession and traditional sitars, tambura and tabla percussion have reformed. This month they are releasing a new album called Pilgrim’s Progress, and are looking to perform in Shanghai.

Remembered for his velvet suits, being the grandson of Sir John Mills and his strong opinions – front man Crispian Mills got in to a sticky situation with the British press over his comments regarding the bands usage of the Hindu swastika during the peak of their career. Arguably, this is what brought about the demise of the once highly regarded rock band. (more…)

What Have You Been Up To?

A short update from Crispian and Harry about what Kula Shaker have been up to over the last couple of years.

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